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SocioDesk is now available on Mobile devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. Take advantage of the ease of communication while you are on the go, so that you do not miss triggering any actions based on the right inputs and at the right time.

The Company Wall allows you to view updates posted by the colleagues in your network. The iPhone/iPad/Android device allows you to stay updated by updates in real-time. This wall posts include updates, birthday wishes, awards, pokes, polls.


This screen displays a list of all the colleagues in your network. You can thus grab the contact details of any of colleagues while on the go. You can also pick up a contact from your phonebook and instantly invite him/her to join your network.

This screen displays the Colleague’s profile information. You can also easily access the Colleague’s wall to view the updates posted by him/her. You can write on the colleague’s wall, or send a private message to him.